Monday, 28 November 2011

Winter Programme 2011/12

Saturday 22nd/Sunday 23rd October: Geofest; National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

Saturday 19th November: Brian Williams (Aberdeen): Triassic Basins, North Atlantic Borderlands: Understanding the break-up of Pangea in the search for oil and gas: Cardiff University

Saturday 10th December
(NOT AS PREVIOUSLY ADVERTISED): The 1st Douglas Bassett Memorial Lecture. Michael Bassett (National Museum of Wales). Adam to Douglas: a geo-historical journey through North Wales. Swansea University

Saturday 14th January: Holiday Geology National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

Saturday 28th January: Jonathan Lee (BGS) Cool Britannia: From Milankopvitch wobbles to Ice Ages. Swansea University

Saturday 18th February:[Joint Meeting with the geological Society, South Wales Group] Alex Maltman; Wine, whisky and beer: the role of geology. Cardiff University

Saturday 17th March: AGM and Presidential Address: Malcolm Shaw: Where Plates Meet: Danger and Delight. Swansea University

Please see newsletter for more information about our meetings.

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