Saturday, 5 November 2011

Geofest 2011 - Local Groups and Organizations

The event was as usual hosted at and supported by the National Museum of Wales which is a superb location for such events and an institution with a fine heritage for geological research and exhibitions. It almost seemed a pity to be inside on such a nice day as you can see from this rare picture of Wales in the sunshine

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The museum provided not just a location, but a great deal of support to the event including behind the scene tours such as the ones to look at the fossil collections being led by Tom Sharpe as you can see below

And this one to look at the mineral collections and the equipment used to identify such and research them being led by Tom Cotterell

The event was also supported well by many local geological groups. The South Wales Geologists Association were the hosting group and had a stand with many bargains to be had in the form of books and specimens for sale

The Russell Society were well represeted with a display of local minerals and information about them

Others including the Severnside OUGS group were also present, but i failed to get a good picture of their stand - sorry !

In addition to the groups a number of local professional geological and conservation groups were present such as the Forest Fawr Geopark (foreground) and Countryside Council for Wales (background) which you can see here, and the BGS Cardiff Office who you can't

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